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Downloadable files

Bookmarks and variables editor (old version) - 83 kb - A useful, but more limited, version of the bookmarks and variables editor, whicfh has its own web page.

  Click Yes - 89kb -  Is that security prompt driving you to distraction when you try to merge to e-mail from Outlook? This tiny utility sits in the system tray and clicks 'Yes' for you. Visit the writer's own web site for the latest updates and further information on this handy utility.

Envelope templates - 241kb - A simple and easily edited set of Word size 10 envelope templates, one with airmail graphic one without, andone with 'attention' line. All initially attempt to insert an address from Outlook, though this is optional. See accompanying readme.txt file.

MSCAL.ZIP - 342kb - Microsoft's ActiveX Office calendar control (includes versions for Word 97-2007/2010) - 6 kb - A user form driven function to add the printing of an envelope or label for the selected Outook contact

  Printfolders 1.2 - 156 kb -  Explorer does not have any means of printing a directory listing. This handy little freeware utility will rectify that omission, to produce a text file with a variety of formatting options. The application is straightforward to use, but in case of difficulty there are additional instructions in Adobe PDF format, to view which you will need the Acrobat reader.

  Simple CD Text Player -  412kb - Few Windows CD playing tools (and even fewer domestic CD players) will display CD Text information recorded on the disc. This simple player (freeware) will. - 140 kb - A freeware e-mail stripper. Removes '>' and ' |'  characters and reformats e-mail messages into paragraphs.

In addition to the files listed on this page, there is a large number of downloadable files featured as add-ins listed on the Word Pages index.


File converter downloads

Microsoft has a policy of regularly reviewing its software security. I cannot guarantee that security updates will not affect these old filters. If you find they don't work, remove the registry entries they create (you can open the registry patches in Notepad to review what changes have been made) and remove the filter(s) from the TextConv folder. If you need any help to remove the registry entries or the files, contact me via the link on the Home Page with details of your operating system.

Note: The converters presented below were all originally supplied either with Word or were available for download as extras. They have been withdrawn, or replaced by more limited updates as they were said to have the potential to compromise security, so use them at your own risk.

Note: The converters include registry patches for Windows 32 bit operating systems. Windows 7 - 64 bit uses a different file path and registry keys. As these are old filters, I have decided to update the installation instructions only on request. As I receive the requests, I will update the download file to include the revised instructions. If you wish to use these old filters with the Windows 7 - 64 bit operating system, and the zip file has not been updated to include the relevant registry patch, please contact me via the link on the Contaxt for more details.

Extract the CNV files to the folder \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\TextConv. Merge the registry patches with your registry (right click the patch in Windows Explorer and select Merge). Restart Word to make the filters available. With older operating systems, it may be necessary to reboot. As the files are modified to include the Windows 7 64 bit versions, I will also include a self extracting installation file, which will correctly locate the files and create the registry entries.

Ensure that any existing files of the same name are safely backed up before replacing them.

AMI Pro -Sadly this old filter no longer appears to work. Regrettably other solutions will have to be adopted to convert AmiPro files. FileMerlin is one such solution that does still work - though the trial version adds spelling errors to the converted file.

DXF graphics filter for Word - 122kb - This is the old and discontinued DXF import filter. Read the enclosed instructions.

Excel converter for Word - 65kb - This is the old converter originally supplied with Word, which allows you to save in Excel format - or rather it did until recent security updates removed that ability. Now it will merely open Excel format files in Word.

MS-DOS Text with Layout converter for Word - 185kb - This is the old converter which allowed Word to save to MSDOS text with layout *.ASC. Read the enclosed instructions before applying this filter.

PCX graphics filter for Word 2003 - 35kb - Read the enclosed installation instructions before applying this filter. This filter does not work with recent Word versions! Consider instead converting the format before inserting into Word. SnagIt will do the job, but there are others.

RFT/DCA converter for Word - 84kb - IBM DisplayWrite text converter

  Word (for DOS) converter for Word - 106kb

  Word 6 converter for Word - 603kb - The old Word 6 RTF filter is not required to produce RTF output, but some third party software e.g. Quark is more comfortable with the output of this older filter. It can be used alongside the new filter.

  WordPerfect converter for Word - 294kb - Note this is the old converter originally supplied with Word that allows files to be saved in WP format.

Note: If you need to convert Word Perfect documents to Word, then start by visiting : How to Import WordPerfect Files into Microsoft Word

  WordStar (for DOS) converter for Word - 117kb

  Works converters for Word - 983kb - Converters for Works Version 6 and earlier versions. This file now includes registry patches and installer for Windows 64 bit.

Third Party Downloads - 51 kb (9/1/2013) A template from Doug Robbins which includes a neat calendar function which overcomes the problem of mscal.ocx not being available to your projects.

Catalogue - 27kb (5/3/2009) A document, template and Excel data file which demonstrate with sample fields, how to mailmerge a list separated by categories - based upon

The remarkable work on date field calculations and field mathematics by fellow MVP Paul Edstein, who uses the forum pseudonym Macropod, has been available for download from for a while, but since the crash of that site the files are available here.

You should post any queries about Paul's tutorials to the Word forum at the Woody's Lounge ( - 81kb - (Updated 18/12/2009) A document containing instructions and examples of just about every date calculation you could wish for. - 57kb - An add-in for Word by regular Microsoft Word forum contributor Andreas Killer to convert sequential index numbers to hyphenated lists e.g. 1, 3, 5. 6. 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 18, 19, 25 is converted to 1, 3, 5-10, 13, 18-19, 25. The add-in is supplied in DOT format which is compatible with recent Word versions. - 53kb - (Updated 5/3/2009) Another document from Paul Edstein explaining the mysteries of field calculations, again with examples.

Following is a set of macros produced by Tonya Marshall for the purpose of converting WordPerfect labels to Word. Instructions are included.

  Word Perfect to Word 97

  Word Perfect to Word 2000

  Word Perfect to Word 2002

  Word Perfect to Word 2003

Adobe PDF Format

To view these PDF format documents, you'll need to install the Adobe Acrobat reader.

Lost in Italy - 385kb - Way back in the summer of 1998 my wife and I completed a road journey from Cyprus to the UK and back again. This is a complete account of our experiences on that journey in the form of a short story.




The old web site format linked all the files available for download on a page equivalent to this.

By downloading from this page users often missed the web pages that related to the files in question, leading to unnecessary additional support for matters that were explained on the web pages themselves. I have therefore removed the links from this page that are available on the  web pages themselves.