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The beach - in February!

Here's where we swim - in September. (The swimming not the photo!)

A new truck to drive around in - and no that's not our house in the background.

Paphos Harbour Fort

Easter Poppy fields near Kathikkas

My old pal Dimi the caricaturist from Greece - and when you view the enlargement, that's my old truck by his head!

40 gallons of diesel and this Easter bonfire went off like a bomb! Only three of the church windows were broken

Petra Tou Romiou - The legendary birthplace of Aphrodite

A closer look!

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Palm trees at Kato Paphos

But look what they've done to them!

A superb specimen of the Jacaranda tree?

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Alexander_Great.jpg (74744 bytes)

Curium Beach.jpg (57854 bytes)

It's not only the trees that get pruned - Before!


Curium Beach

Corallia Bay Panorama.jpg (37538 bytes)

Coral Bay

Corallia Bay

Kato Paphos promenade towards the harbour.

Another view of Kato Paphos towards the Harbour

From the Baths of Aphrodite looking towards Morphou Bay

Kato Paphos promenade away from the harbour.

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Beach at the Baths of Aphrodite.  An endearing trait of Cypriots - find a couple of metres of beauty spot and they'll fill it with sun loungers.

Fishing boats at Latchi

All of Latchi harbour in a five picture compilation.

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Road_Works_Before_1.jpg (53052 bytes)

Latchi Harbour

Interesting sunset?

This mess was the subject of a UK holiday nightmare TV show.

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But now it's fixed. Off the beaten track This stunning bay may soon be turned into a marina.
Marina_Bay_Left.jpg (41975 bytes) dining_out.jpg (67630 bytes)
But what are they going to do in winter when the sea is rough? Same bay - same rough sea! Sunday lunch with family and friends in a tiny restaurant.
Julias 2.jpg (73304 bytes) Panagia Tou Sinti.jpg (47793 bytes) Panagia Tou Sinti 2.jpg (57482 bytes)
Another Sunday, another lunch - same restaurant The restored Panagia Tou Sinti monastery The church of Panagia Tou Sinti monastery from courtyard
Panagia Tou Sinti 3.jpg (53145 bytes) Morphou Bay from Olympus.jpg (78357 bytes) TNRC.jpg (81157 bytes)
Inside the church of Panagia Tou Sinti monastery On a clear day, you can see forever. Morphou Bay from Mt. Olympus Morphou Bay from Makarios's Tomb
Makarios_tomb.jpg (70271 bytes) Mak_to_Coast.jpg (39347 bytes) Mount Olympus.jpg (63516 bytes)
Tomb of Archbishop Makarios III - spot the camouflaged honour guard. The view from the Tomb of Archbishop Makarios III. Mount Olympus from Makarios's Tomb
Kykkos.jpg (72909 bytes) Kykkos Entrance.jpg (82175 bytes) Kykkos yard.jpg (54488 bytes)
The fabulous Kykkos Monastery.  Kykkos Monastery entrance Inside Kykkos Monastery. Sadly photography is not permitted in the remarkable church, and is rigorously enforced.
Kykkos 1.jpg (71836 bytes) Kykkos Gallery.jpg (60525 bytes) Mosaic2.jpg (64085 bytes)
Inside Kykkos Monastery.  One of Kykkos's covered galleries One of many excellent Kykkos mosaics
Mosaic.jpg (136477 bytes) Kykkos Bells.jpg (71524 bytes) 105-0516_IMG.JPG (439355 bytes)
A section of one of the larger Kykkos mosaics Kykkos bell tower by the road above the monastery. Paphos Fort
104-0494_IMG.JPG (528734 bytes) 104-0477_IMG.JPG (594128 bytes) Coast from Peyia.jpg (58449 bytes)
View from roof of Paphos Fort towards Chlorakas View from roof of Paphos Fort across harbour View from the road above Peyia towards Coral & Corallia Bays
Theletra.jpg (283624 bytes) Panagia.jpg (84590 bytes) motorway1.jpg (34527 bytes)
View from trom road between Kathikkas and Theletra towards the Troodos Mountains Autumnal view from the picnic area above Panagia across the valley This is the main Limassol Paphos motorway at 1.30pm!
motorway2.jpg (32661 bytes) harbour_sunset.jpg (53011 bytes) Evening at the harbour.jpg (64932 bytes)
Watch out - it's getting busy! A few clouds are all you need for another interesting sunset Evening at Paphos harbour
storm.jpg (28086 bytes)    
And just to show that it is not all sea and sunshine, you have to keep an eye on the weather.