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Cyprus 2012

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February and an unusually long and wet winter brought a rare occurrence as the Asprokremnos Dam overflowed. The dam last overflowed in the winter of 2003/4 On the banks of the dam the water covers scrubland.
Another view of the dam ... ...and another ... ... and yet another
Following a similar watery theme, the giant Kouris dam near Limassol overflowed ... ... for only the second time in its history. This is a view from the top of the dam.
... and this shows the water flowing over the slipway ... ... and on down into the valley below. There should be no water shortages for the next couple of years.
July 3rd and one of those rare days where the sky is clear, the air is fresh and you feel glad to be alive. Part of the Troodos mountain range viewed from Mt. Olympos. The central plain.
Morphou Bay - a view I never get tired of - with the Turkish mainland a barely visible shadow on the horizon. The central plain looking towards the capital Nicosia. Barely visible in the image, a rare glimpse of Turkey 150 km away on the horizon.
Looking West to the wind farm - a sad triumph of misplaced technology and political expediency over common sense, as this is not a windy island. The windmills were still again today. West again towards distant Paphos. The Artemis mountain trail, between 4.5 and 5 km. I love it here.