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Cyprus 2004

2004 and the Cyprus gallery for the year began with a ferocious storm that wreaked havoc around the island.

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Don't be fooled by the blue sky .... .... the sea has washed away the foreshore .... .... and completely destroyed the boardwalk .

The harbour wall is supposed to keep out the sea, but can't compete with these mountainous waves. There's always one: Some fool who wants to risk his neck. That boulder was moved out of the sea wall and weighs over a ton.

Guess he saw the rock? With the wind subsided we can get a closer look at that damaged board walk. 3.00pm Saturday. No-one feels inclined to venture out yet ....
... and the swimming hole is a little the worse for wear ... ... but the road to the village has been impressively upgraded. Some of the damage caused to the harbour....
The calm after the storm? Don't you believe it .... .... not half an hour later, the heavens open again. Already rainfall is 130% up and not much sign of respite.
The skiers will be pleased. This road was closed at the weekend, but the snow ploughs have been busy.
You don't normally see much water in this river which runs into .... The overflow water rushes down this escape channel ....
.... to the river, and I have never in fifteen years seen water in this part of the river. Put a tiger in your tank!
On a cold February day, crowds gather for the carnival parade ... The youngsters love it as usual.
A sign of the recent weather, these kids are 'skiing'. And after the show the police get ready to go home.
Larnaca promenade ... The gardens are being planted ready for the holiday season.
Southport? No Larnaca pier. ... and the odd gin palace.
Having waited an hour for the square to clear, some fool turned off the fountain ... grrrr. The Olympic training pool near Coral Bay
The starting line. I guess the competitors were having a lie-in. Dusk on 'Nightlife Street' Paphos
Radar installation Mount Olympus summit Delicately scented wild roses are abundant on Olympus summit at this time of year (late June).
Panoramic view from the summit of Olympus to the Turkish occupied North. Higher up the page is a picture of the river that feeds the Asprokremnos Dam. This is what it usually looks like - from the same viewpoint.
Start of the procession. 34 degrees and a fire under his nose. No wonder he looks flushed
One of these days it will be clear enough to get a really good view of Morphou Bay from Mt. Olympus, but this is usually as good as it gets. Looking down the valley to Kato Amiantos village.
This coastal area near Pomos has escaped the attention of the developers - for the moment. Another fine day on Mt.Olympus
One of the many footpaths around Mt. Olympus Another Mt. Olympus footpath.

Following what had been a fairly clement winter, February 2005 brought the rains needed to keep water coming out of the taps in the coming year.

Dramatic skies and yes that is a real rainbow. Angry seas behind Paphos fort. And again.
The new harbour defences were not placed a moment too soon and although as yet incomplete, so far have prevented the massive damage that the seas seem to wreak on the harbour every year (see 2004 gallery). Another look at that rainbow, but no pot of gold in that restaurant where it appears to finish. The other side of the arch.
On the west coast you can see the weather coming. Still looking for that perfect view of Morphou Bay from the top of Mt. Olympus. It doesn't get  much better than this. The year ends with some of the fine Christmas decorations put up by the Municipality of Paphos.
Everywhere trees are festooned with lights ... .. and startling steel constructions are built to look like Christmas trees Santa visits the square outside the Town Hall ...
... and this photo does not do justice to the giant pendants in the town square.  The main Paphos/Limassol road out of town. Arch. Makarios III Avenue