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Cyprus 2003

2003 and a new selection of pictures related to Cyprus.

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M56 motorway approaching Manchester airport, and for once Manchester is displaying its (usually undeserved) reputation for rainfall 

Terminal 1 departure lounge unusually deserted as war with Iraq looms large.

KLM UK's inter-city shuttle to Amsterdam.


All aboard and ready for departure.

Approaching Amsterdam and the weather shows a little improvement.

Schiphol and where's that damned gate?

Today the Cyprus Airways gate is at the opposite end of the airport and that means a 20 minute brisk walk.

Cyprus Airways' new A330 Airbus on the stand. On board the Airbus. Forget charter cattle class, this aircraft is unusually comfortable.

Arrived in time for Paphos carnival and the weather is kind this year.

Kids in a cage?

Green Monday, an occasion for family picnics and kite flying.

Near the summit of Mt. Olympus and that snow is still 75 cm deep.

There has not been this much water in the Asprokremnos dam since it was built.

And on downstream to Alassa At Alassa even the roadways surrounding the Kouris Dam are under water.

Cypriot youngsters dodge waves breaking over the harbour wall.

25th of March and still no sign of Spring

The SODAP winery occupies an area of prime real estate in the tourist area of Kato Paphos and is overdue for development. Coral Bay, arguably the best beach in the Paphos district - at least out of season when you can see it.

Coral Beach Hotel - the war and that sky are the reasons why it is deserted in April!

April 14th and the rain is back with a vengeance. Where is Spring? Kato Pyrgos is surrounded by areas occupied by Turkey and only accessible via a mountain road controlled by UN soldiers.. Eerily deserted the pretty harbour at Kato Pyrgos.
Kato Pyrgos again and we really do have it to ourselves. Not only a newly built harbour at Kato Pyrgos, but an amphitheatre? Hark! What light through yonder window breaks. The acoustics at the centre circle are remarkable.
The pretty modern church of St. Raphael. The rare Moufflon - here in captivity at Stavros, but they can occasionally be seen in the Paphos Forest. Orthodox Good Friday (25 April) and still the bad weather continues. The air is full of dust and each shower brings it down ... like gravy.
Oops! Last year's Easter bonfire was big. This one's a monster. It looks even worse close up.
Boom! No broken windows this year, but the 43% price increase on the diesel fuel used as an accelerant could have been a factor. Health and safety?
Keep death off the roads? The spare was little better and the road tax expired in '95! May 1st and the weather has improved ... at last. 10th May and it is really warming up.
Mean and moody? Avdimou Bay looking East. Avdimou beach looking West.
Strange animals are banned from Pissouri beach. Mid-September - Most of the nearby Episkopi Garrison away in Iraq means a near deserted Curium beach. But high temperatures and good on-shore winds mean the weather is great for kite and sail boarding.
Bay Watch? Lifeguards at Curium beach. One of Cyprus's two heavy Russian-built helicopters, used for fire-fighting, moves in for a re-charge of sea water. Not a good time for Scuba diving
A new arrival at Kathikkas donkey centre.  Donkeys begging for carrots at the donkey centre. Coastal footpath Limassol tourist area
Strange animals are banned here too. Beach - Limassol tourist area Ships wait to load/unload at Limassol Port
Big Brother is listening - MOD's controversial new aerial at Akrotiri Enjoy these fabulous tree lined roads on the Akrotiri peninsula while you can, because criminally the trees are being cut down.